My Autobiography

Topics: High school, Teacher, Tourette syndrome Pages: 1 (364 words) Published: February 9, 2013
Daniel M.

Hello, my name is Daniel M. and I am twenty seven years old. I was born to Deborah M. and Frederick M. in Saint Louis, Missouri on June 11th, 1985. When I was two years old, my family and I moved from The Gateway City down to Sugar Land, Texas. I have two older brothers and there is a three and eight year difference between us. I attended school from first grade to twelfth grade with above average grades in the Fort Bend Independent School District. I have always had a wonderful relationship with my family, especially my mother. It is because of her that I want to work with children. Her strength and unconditional love for her family showed me that I could do so much for other people.

To gain more experience with children, I volunteer for the Tourette Syndrome Association of Texas whenever possible as a camp counselor and by keeping the children busy with fun activities while their parents are in the support group meetings. Every year that I am at the camp or at the support group meetings, I get to witness the excitement that these kids are having. It gives me personal satisfaction in knowing that I am giving them the chance to have fun when some of these kids lead pretty stressful lives, even for just being a twelve year old boy or girl. I also have been my nephew’s child care provider for two and a half years. My experience with him varies from helping him to learn with games and other teaching tools to making sure he gets all the nutrition that a growing boy needs. I absolutely love spending time with my nephew. He is funny, cute, and a complete sweetheart. Watching him grow up, both physically and intellectually, is amazing because I know that I had a hand in it. After I complete my Child Development Associate classes, I plan to work as a child care provider for three to five years. If and when I decide I want to teach, then I will go back to college to get a degree so I can become a certified teacher.
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