Muslim Press During War1857

Topics: Syed Ahmed Khan, Pakistan, Indian Muslims Pages: 6 (2068 words) Published: May 8, 2010
Muslim Press during the War of Independence of 1857 and Aftermath This disintegration of Mughal Empire started after the demise of the emperor aourangzeb, to which several causes are ascribed which are at present out of out study. Form journalistic point of viuew , we should have a glance to the independence war of 1857and its effects. The struggle for the feerdom of the county began long before 1875. Including the infidelity of the Hindus and infidelity of other sections of the native inhabitants of the sub-continent. However it was fully realized that armed struggle would be futile and that the situation demanded a long political and constitutional struggle for the coveted independence. The muslime of the sub-continent also realized the facts of being a minority in the sub-continent and being left alone to their fate by the major sections of the natives, especially the Hindus. The Hindus betrayed the muslims in the independence war of 1857 outrageously, rather joined hands with the British ruling clique in order to gain illegitimate advantages over the muslims, with the ulterior motive to avenge their slavery to the muslim rule for wver one thousand years. Hthe clear visualization of these facts and realization of their lost political, social, educational, economic and cultural supremacy resulted in the origin of two-nation theory which proved the way to the creation of Pakistan. The British government marked the former rulers of Delhi as their rivals. The failure of the struggle resulted in degeneration of the Islamic society in India, politically, socially , economically and culturally. Even before the decline of the political authority of the Mughals, the decay of Indian Muslims set in. Economically not only the upper class of the muslims that suffered under the new conditions, the peasants and the weavers forming the lower class or order of Muslim society were also badly affected. The change of government and the colonial and imperialist oppressive policies effected especially the muslim society, as they were the rulers before the East India. Company. At that stage, there was a revival of Hindu feeling of antagonism against the muslim coincident with the gradual weakening of the Mughal empire. The Hindus found greater relief with the advent of the British on Indian political stage. That is why most of the important families of the Hindu society sided directly or indirectly with the English. Even long before the independence war of 1857, the Hindus enjoyed the cooperation in the field of commerce with the East India Company. After the failure of the great struggle, the muslims of the sub-continent were politically, socially, culturally, economically crushed, and they became dormant after the shock of their defeat and demoralization On the other hand the Hindus were lavished all the opporitunities of business, commerce and employments. But is should be understood that the press at that stage was u buts infancy and was very feeble to influence the general public. It was next to impossibility that the native press with its total circulation of little more than five thousand could influence that whole sub-continent. After the struggle was over the newspapers especially owned by the Muslim were represses and disappeared from the scene, immediately after the 1857 independence war was over. During the war of independence the press just sided with the cause of the freedom-fighters. The launched strenuous efforts to boost up the morale of the people, by proving the cause of the struggle as just and justified. It published the progress if the war constantly and kept. The people in touch with the latest developments. The press though feeble it was raised criticisms against. The oppressive policies and atrocities of the British. In this struggle, “Delhi Urdu Akbar” “Khulasat-ul-Akbar and Sadiq-ul-Akbar actively took part in advancing and justifying the cause of the...
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