Music Video Analysis Uprising Muse

Topics: Teddy bear, Teddy bears, The Teddy Bears Pages: 3 (966 words) Published: March 28, 2011
‘Uprising’ is a song composed and performed by an English alternative-rock band called MUSE. Uprising comes from their fifth studio album ‘The Resistance’ and was released in September 2009. The music video that accompanies the song was directed by Sam Stephens and John Hobs.

The main story or meaning of the song was inspired by the 2009, G20 protesting in London. The lead vocalist of the band, Matt Bellamy, commented in a ‘German Music’ interview that the lyrics were based around a book he was reading at the time which discussed the possible existence of a higher level of government above the currently existing one. According to the lyrics it’s mainly about the government telling us what they want us to know and hiding the truth.

The basic content of the video contains shots, images and clips of humans being overrun by an uprising of the teddies; which ends up destroying everything. The plot of the video starts off with a problems arising, which is symbolized as a lit fuse. The fuse travels through the town passing little plastic toys that resemble humans in everyday life. The toys seem oblivious to the fuse and don’t notice it affecting their lives until its starts lighting things on fire as it passes through the town and out to other places. While this is happening, out in a rubbish tip, a bulldozer is trying to cover up a teddy bear with dirt. This part of the video is where the government is portrayed as a teddy bear because it’s something we are attached to. Through out the video it switches from the burning fuse and the teddy bears until they join together to leave everything in their path in ruins. As the video flicks to shots of the burning fuse, we notice that the streets are smoldering and shops are out of business because of the destruction the fuse has brought upon the town. Then we also notice that the teddies are starting to rise. This causes the people to ‘protest’ and start to burn the teddy bears in a bonfire which ends up burning the...
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