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Journal #2 – Music Videos
I watched my hour long of videos on daily motion. I watched music videos by August Alsina and Beyonce’s self-titled album Beyonce. August Alsina is a 21year old singer born and bred from the streets of New Orleans, Louisiana enters into the music industry two years ago. For those who don’t know who Beyonce is she is an American recording artist and actress. Born and raised in Houston, Texas. She performed in various singing and dancing competitions as a child, and rose to fame in the late 1990s as lead singer of R&B group Destiny’s Child. Both being in the music industry have different target audiences. August Alsina audience is anyone who would relate to his music. In his music he talks about the death of his brother, reflects on his past life of hustling on the streets, being homeless, his father’s drug/alcohol addiction, going through hell and back to his success in the music industry. He doesn’t really have a set target audience while Beyonce on the other hand has more of an indentified target audience. Her audience tends to me females around the ages of 14-30. I watched about twelve videos in total by two artists in the hour time span. The first five videos I watched were by August Alsina called “Make It Home”, “Don’t forget About Me”, “Downtown”, “Ghetto” and “Hell On Earth”. 1) “Make It Home” is about his story of struggle, hustle, and survival. August Alsina reflects on his past life of hustling on the streets in his music video for “Make It Home”. He points out the flaws that have molded who he is today. The music video features a sequence of events happening backward, as August Alsina's house gets raided by the police. He leads them on a foot chase, but ends up wearing handcuffs by the end of the race. "I broke a couple rules, didn't graduate from school cause I was busy hustling, man, I thought that shit was cool," August sings on the record. 2) “Don’t Forget About Me” August gives us a reminder of what all of his current and future success is for, and that’s to make sure that all of his loved ones are taken care of. The video also serves as a wrap-up of all the big things he’s done throughout the year, from touring at sold out shows, meeting and working with some other artists and showing love to his fans that supported him since day one. Cameos include Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Young Jeezy and other stars as a part of his journey as a new artist blowing up in the industry. The video eventually fades out to find Alsina talking about life after the tragic shooting death of his brother Melvin. 3) “Downtown” narrates the true story of how he lost his older brother Melvin. The video is filmed in his home state of Louisiana. The video features iconic New Orleans staples; tarot card readings in the French quarter, cemeteries, and bayou scenery. In this video he includes his three nieces his brother Melvin left along side with Kid Kid who’s featured on the song. 4) “Ghetto” is about August Alsina’s love for hood chicks, and encourages his girl to keep it real, and embrace her upbringing because she is still beautiful. His lady in the video enters a beauty pageant, while all the other girls hate on her. She gets ready and then the two start driving off to a modeling event. Backstage at the event, the woman applies her makeup as people stare at her; she does not fit the traditional mold for a model. The crowd in attendance is shocked yet impressed.5) “Hell on Earth” in the visual, you see him draped in an over-sized black bandana, singing his soul through the lyrics with lines referring to point where he wish he was dead, to things actually getting better. August gives hope. You can also peep the quote at the intro “I live shit to talk about it and show other niggas that anything is possible, when I was at one of the lowest point, I ended up homeless, but I still felt rich because I knew what I possessed.” – August Alsina. The last six videos I watched where by Queen B. 6) “Partition” the...
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