Music Entertainment Business Plan

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Business Plan of
John Citizen

Table of Contents
If you wish you can create page numbers on the table. However this is not a requirement for the business plan 1.Executive Summary
2.Business Overview
2.1Proprietor’s background and suitability
2.2Nature of business
2.3Business name and address
2.4Business vision and objectives
3.Marketing Plan
3.1Marketing Objective
3.2Define the business and product
3.3Market segmentation
3.4Target market
3.5Market research
3.5iMarketing research objectives
3.5iiSituation Analysis
3.5iiiClass brainstorming session
3.5ivSurvey results and conclusions
3.5vCompetitor analysis
3.5viSWOT analysis
3.5viiCompetitive advantage
3.5viiiPotential market
3.5ix Market testing
3.6Marketing strategies
3.7Action planning, implementation and evaluation
3.8Monitoring and improving marketing performance
4.Operational Plan
4.1Legal and Administrative Requirements
4.1iBusiness Structure
4.1iiRegulatory requirements
4.1ivRisk management
4.1vAdministrative forms and contracts
4.1viSources of advice
4.2Business Operation
4.2iHours of operation
4.2iiProposed trading terms/warranties
4.2iiiOutline of production or service process
4.3Resource requirements
4.3iPhysical resources
4.3iiHuman resources
4.3ivUse of technology
4.3vBusiness location
4.3viResource planning and monitoring
4.3viiStrategies to deal with ill health and sudden increase in demand 5.Financial Plan
5.1Set up costs/how business is financed
5.2Calculation of prices and charges
5.3Financial Worksheets
6 Appendices

Executive Summary
My main objective in business is to create awareness of product/service and be perceived as and develop a reputation of high quality nature and to maximise business opportunities.

2.Business Overview
2.1Proprietor’s background and suitability
I have approximately 7 years experience in singing/song writing/performing. I have three years of vocal training and cert IV qualification in music. I also have skills in playing guitar and keyboard. I wish to turn my passion/talent into a profitable business because I know I have a unique look, sound and style, which is commercially & internationally marketable.

2.2Nature of the business
My Business will predominately be involved in (but not limited to) live music entertainment. It is scheduled to commence in November 2008 with first sales predicted in December. It has been operating at a hobby level for the past few years. I am a singer/songwriter/musician/performer who will be performing a range of hit cover songs and/or my own original songs in Entertainment venues/events (Pubs, Cafes, Festivals, Concert halls etc…) initially in Melbourne but then spreading nationally, with the intention of eventually focussing on the international market. Initially starting as a solo acoustic act (where applicable I will subcontract additional musicians/singers) gradually building to a full scale band. Aside from the music performance, in the mid term I intend to add possible acting/modelling services such as ‘extra’ work, commercials, photographic advertising (catalogues etc…), fashion catwalk, short/feature films etc… and also English tuition (when overseas).

2.3Business name and address
My Business will be trading under my own name, John Citizen and is predominately home based: 6 Maxima Court, Nissan ABN: 56378989993
(See appendices)
2.4 Business vision and objectives
I see my business on the international stage, entertaining/inspiring thousands of people. My services will be in high demand and sought after by high end record labels, event promoters etc… and I will be performing regularly in premier entertainment venues/events & world tours. I see Cd sales of my original music in the millions. My business will be established, recognised &...
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