Murphy Contemporary Logistics 10e

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Multiple Choice Questions

1. Logistics clearly contributes to ___________ and ___________ utility.

a. time; place
b. form; time
c. place; form
d. possession; time
e. none of the above
(a; p. 3)

2. ___________ utility refers to the value or usefulness that comes from a customer being able to take possession of a product.

a. Time
b. Place
c. Form
d. Possession
(d; p. 3)

3. ___________ utility refers to having products available where they are needed by customers.

a. Possession
b. Time
c. Place
d. Form
(c; p. 3)

4. All of the following are types of economic utility, except:

a. Time
b. Production
c. Place
d. Possession
e. All of the above are types of economic utility
(b; p. 3)

5. All of the following terms have been used to refer to business logistics except:

a. business logistics
b. industrial distribution
c. logistics management
d. physical distribution
e. all of the above are correct
(e; p. 4)

6. “How well a company does what it says it’s going to do” represents ___________.

a. efficiency
b. productivity
c. leading edge logistics
d. effectiveness
(d; p. 5)

7. What concept refers to “how well company resources are used to achieve what a company promises it can do?”

a. Efficiency
b. Productivity
c. Reengineering
d. Effectiveness
(a; p. 5)

8. Every customer getting the same type and levels of logistics service refers to ___________.

a. tailored logistics
b. mass logistics
c. effectiveness
d. efficiency
(b; p. 6)

9. Which of the following is not a reason for the increased importance of logistics?

a. growing power of manufacturers
b. reduction in economic regulation
c. globalization of trade
d. technological advances
e. all of the above are reasons
(a; pp. 6–9)

10. The ___________ concept suggests that there are an ever-increasing number of market segments with distinct preferences.

a. rhochrematics
b. relationship marketing
c. market demassification
d. niche marketing
(c; p. 7)

11. What two logistics activities make the heaviest use of the Internet?

a. Warehousing and inventory management
b. Purchasing and transportation
c. Inventory management and purchasing
d. Transportation and warehousing
(b; p. 8)

12. ___________ refers to the removal of intermediaries between producer and consumer.

a. Direct channels
b. Market demassification
c. Consolidation
d. Disintermediation
(d; p. 8)

13. ___________ are characterized by large market share and low prices.

a. Category killers
b. Mass merchandisers
c. Power retailers
d. Do-it-yourself (DIY) retailers
(c; p. 8)

14. World trade grew at an average annual rate of approximately ___________ percent between 1997 and 2007.

a. 10
b. 8
c. 6
d. 4
(c; p. 9)

15. The ___________ approach indicates that a company’s objectives can be realized by recognizing the mutual interdependence of major functional areas.

a. supply chain
b. systems
c. interfunctionality
d. total cost
(b; p. 9)

16. The movement and storage of materials into a firm refers to:

a. physical distribution
b. materials management
c. materials handling
d. supply chain management
(b; p. 10)

17. What concept refers to the storage of finished product and movement to the customer?

a. Inbound logistics
b. Supply chain management
c. Physical distribution
d. Materials management
(c; p. 10)

18. Logistics managers use the ___________ approach to coordinate inbound logistics, materials management, and physical distribution in a cost efficient manner.

a. total cost
b. supply chain
c. mass logistics
d. interfunctional
(a; p. 12)

19. A cost trade-off is a situation where:

a. all costs react according to their individual degrees of inflation in the economy b. all costs are reflected as a percentage variation from standard costs c. some costs increase and some costs decrease

d. some...
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