Marketing and Maine Media Workshops

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Bachelor of Marketing (Hons)
Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons)
Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) Entrepreneurship
Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) Banking and Finance Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) Accounting
Bachelor of Economics (Hons) Financial Economics
Bachelor of International Business (Hons)
Bachelor of Science (Hons) Logistics and International Shipping Bachelor of Science (Hons) Statistical Computing and Operations Research


Tutorial 1

To discuss administrative issues and general discussion about marketing concepts, study method and coursework with students.

Tutorial 2 (Chapter 1)

1. Explain the concept of marketing. What are some common misconceptions about marketing?

2. Describe the significance of the shift from transaction-based marketing to relationship marketing. When does relationship building begin?

3. Define marketing myopia, and describe how a company can overcome a myopic view. Give an example of a successful avoidance of marketing myopia.

4. What is the major distinction between the production era and the sales era?

5. What is utility? Discuss the four types of utility and give example of each.

Tutorial 3 (Chapter 2 & 3)

Case study (V-2): Strategic Planning and the Marketing Process at Preserve

1. Do you consider Preserve's strategy for the Preserve brand a first mover or second mover strategy? Explain.

2. Perform a SWOT analysis on Preserve. Identify their core competency and their weaknesses in the marketplace.

3. Describe the characteristics of each of the four quadrants in the BCG matrix.

4. Why is environmental scanning an important activity for marketers?

5. Why do marketers monitor the technological environment?

Tutorial 4 (Chapter 5 & 8)

1. Describe a purchase that a consumer might make that would reflect his or her status within a particular group. If that person’s status increased, how might the purchase selection change?

2. What are the four role categories that describe each spouse in a household? Which role has changed the most in recent years, and why?

3. Who is opinion leader? Why are they important to marketers, and how has the Internet affected the power of opinion leaders?

4. Define marketing research and provide an example.

5. What are primary and secondary data? Discuss how observation, personal interviews and focus group are used to obtain data.

Tutorial 5 (Chapter 6 & 9)

Case Study (V-9): Targeting and Positioning at Numi Tea

1. Which of the four common bases for segmenting consumer markets does Numi use to divide up the overall market tea products?

2. Would you classify Numi Tea's marketing strategy as "concentrated"? If so, what are the plusses and minuses of using such a strategy in today's market?

3. For what reasons might a firm choose an option other than making a good or service in-house? Why is outsourcing on the rise? How is offshoring different from outsourcing?

4. Why are there more steps in the organizational buying process than in the consumer buying process? Explain why feedback between buyers and sellers is important to the marketing relationship.

5. Give an example of a straight rebuy and a modified rebuy. Why is new-task buying more complex than the first two buying situations?

Tutorial 6 (Chapter 11)

1. List the six characteristics that distinguish services from goods.

2. What are the differences between consumer products and B2B products? Describe a product that could be used as both.

3. How do firms use benchmarking?

4. What steps do marketers take to make the introductory stage of the product life cycle successful enough to reach the growth stage? What are some of the challenges they face?

5. Describe the different product development strategies....
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