Murderball Movie Review

Topics: Quadriplegia, Poliomyelitis, Disability Pages: 2 (464 words) Published: March 4, 2006
For the movie assignment I decided to view Murderball. Murderball is a true story that focuses on life as a quadriplegic and the sport of quad rugby (Murderball). Mark Zupan, Joe Soares, and Keith Cavill are three characters whose lives are highlighted in the film.

Joe Soares was a former Team USA standout and in the movie he was captain of Team Canada. Soares became quadriplegic from childhood polio. The disease put Joe in a wheelchair, which in turn got him involved in quad rugby. As a child Joe had an overbearing father and it seemed to me that he carried his father's parental skills into a strained relationship with his son. In the film Joe's passion for Murderball made it a top priority in his life. So passionate in fact, the stress he received form the sport may have aided in his heart attack. But nothing would slow Joe down, not quadriplegia, a heart attack and not even Mark Zupan.

The captain and official spokesman of Team USA's Murderball team is a man named Mark Zupan. When Zupan was a teenager he endured an accident that left him quadriplegic. Mark was sleeping in the back of his friend's truck when a sharp turn flung him out of the truck and into a ditch where he hung from a branch for 13.5 hours to keep from drowning. Zupan had a larger than life personality and he admitted that he'd accomplished more in a wheelchair than he did able-bodied. Mark Zupan definitely had an infatuation for life and what it could offer. Those feelings were reflected in his lifestyle and playing ability.

The movie also covered the perspective and life of a person who recently became quadriplegic. Keith Cavill was a moto-cross rider and he became quadriplegic after sustaining a crash on his dirt bike. The introduction of Keith Cavill gave the movie an entirely new perspective on quadriplegia. It allowed me to understand the disability further because it gave me a look into the adjustment experience.

After viewing the movie I felt that I had a new understanding...
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