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Topics: Israel, Hamas, West Bank Pages: 4 (1118 words) Published: February 24, 2014
Security Council
Israel and Palestine Conflict
South Korea
Israel and Palestine’s Constant Fighting
The conflict between Israel and Palestine has been raging for over a hundred years. This conflict truly spawned when Britain signed the Balfour Declaration, which agreed to the establishment of a national home for the Jewish people. By 1917, Jewish immigrants were pouring into Palestine leaving the confusion of where they would live. Both the Jews and the Muslims were frustrated with the constant debate over land, leading to the breakout of the 1948 War of Independence. This war resulted in Israel gaining Negev, Galilee, and West Jerusalem. Throughout the next thirty years, Israel began to seize more land during the Six-Day War and the Yom Kippur War of 1973. These wars resulted in continued fighting afterwards, as no peace treaties were signed between both governments.

Recently, Israelis have been oppressing the Palestinians by overtaking land in the West Bank and ceasing control over much of Gaza. By doing this, Israel has violated the Oslo Peace Accords that took place in 1993, ensuring that the territories would become owned by Palestine. There have been several uprisings occurring since, resulting in almost 7,000 Palestinian deaths and only 70 Israeli deaths. The Israeli military is significantly assisted by the U.S., while the Palestinian government only relies on the Hamas. Both governments have refused to agree on certain peace treaties and cease-fires, but a solution must be created to solve this conflict so we can stop the killing of innocent peoples’ lives. UN Involvement:

The United Nations have been involved with the conflict since issues began to evolve in Palestine and Israel. The UN divided sections of the Middle Eastern region into a location where the Jews affected by World War II and the Holocaust would be provided land to live in peace. Palestine was angered by the loss of their original land which spawned the vision of...
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