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In Argentina, prostitution itself (exchanging sex for money) is legal, but organized prostitution (brothels, prostitution rings, pimping) is illegal. The 2008 Human Rights Report of the US Department of State stated that trafficking of women to and within the country for prostitution was a problem. According to ECPAT International, in 1999 Child prostitution was increasing and the average age of prostituted children was decreasing. Many child protitutes in Argentina are trafficked to urban centres from rural areas or are trafficked from neighboring countries such as Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Chile, Uruguay and others countries as Colombia, Dominican Republic, Russia, Venezuela, Romania and Haiti.


Euthanasia is still ilegal in argentina. However, the country has recently passed a law, by voting of 55 to 0, approving “dignified death” where families and pacientes now have the option to refuse treatment. The measure expressly forbids euthanasia - actions that provoke death - and instead focuses on the rights of patients and their families. It also absolves doctors of any legal responsibility when they follow the patient's wishes. The law applies to the terminally ill as well as patients suffering from irreversible and incurable illness or injury, and says they have the right to refuse surgical procedures, hydration and nutrition, reanimation and life-support systems. Rather than seek a court order, all they need do is prepare an advanced health-care directive and sign it before a notary, with two witnesses. The ethical challenges surrounding end-of-life issues become more difficult when the patient can no longer speak for himself and has not prepared such a formal document. In these cases, the Argentine law empowers family members or legal representatives to make the decision on the patients' behalf.

Getting such approval can be very difficult in many countries, particularly in Latin America, where opposition...
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