Multiple Choice Questions for Leadership Management

Topics: Leadership, Management, Situational leadership theory Pages: 72 (14459 words) Published: March 15, 2013
Test Bank

Description of the Test Bank

This test bank consists of 300 multiple-choice items grouped by chapter and topic. Most of the items were selected from the test bank used with the prior edition of the book, but some are new and some are revisions of earlier items. The test items measure specific knowledge about the concepts, theories, research findings, and action guidelines in this edition of the book. Most items deal with major concepts and issues rather than with trivial or obscure points. However, the items are not intended to measure the ability to evaluate, synthesize, or integrate the material. To assess this type of knowledge, it is necessary to supplement the objective exams with other measures such as essay exams and papers. The review questions at the end of each chapter provide one source of essay questions, and they also provide guidance to students in studying for multiple choice exams. Students who take the time to develop answers for the review questions should be able to answer most items correctly. Written analyses of cases provide another opportunity to evaluate how well students understand the concepts and theories.

When giving instructions for a test drawn from this set of items, remind students to read each item carefully and examine each response choice before selecting the best one. Careless reading is a common source of error in this type of exam. Remind students to notice when an item is worded negatively (e.g., "Which of the following is not correct?" or “which is least likely?”). Because many of the items are complex, it is important to allow students enough time to read them carefully. Allow at least one minute per item.

The test bank is designed to have content validity (representative sampling of key points in the chapters). I tried to avoid common weaknesses in multiple choice items, such as answers that are obvious without reading the book, items that point out the answer to subsequent items, biased distribution of the correct responses, and use of confusing formats such as “all of the above” or “none of the above.” Most of the items retained from the earlier test bank have strong item statistics (weak items were discarded or revised). However, it is always advisable to conduct your own item analysis to see if there are any weak items that should be dropped. The following practices greatly reduce the chance that exam security will be compromised.

Keep the test bank and copies of exams it in a secure location, such as in a locked cabinet or a computer file that cannot be opened without a password.

Pass out exams individually to each student, rather than giving batches of them to be passed across a row from student to student.

Ask each student to sign the exam upon receiving it, and tell students they will be held accountable for returning it with their answer sheet.

If you review the exam in class or allow students to review their results in your office, do not allow students to take the exam with them or to make notes on it.

Vary the content of exams from one term to another so that there is no incentive for students to build a test file on your exams.

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Chapter 1: Introduction: The Nature of Leadership

1.What is the best explanation for so many different definitions of leadership?

a.scholarly nitpicking
b.disagreement about what should be considered leadership processes
c.leadership behavior cannot be studied in a scientific way
d.leadership is a very old topic

2.What is the most common element in definitions of leadership?

a.leadership is an authority relationship
b.leadership is the ability to make good decisions
c.leadership is an attribution made by followers
d.leadership is an influence process

3. Definitions of leadership:

a.strongly influence the design and interpretation of research
b.are strongly influenced...
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