Muhammad Ghori

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| Muhammad Ghori, Medieval History of India
Muhammad Ghori was among the second invaders from Central Asia who invaded India after Mahmud of Ghazni in the 12th century.| |
 | •| Invasion of Muhammad Ghori|  |  | | |  | | | |
Sultan Shahab -ud -din Muhammad Ghori, also known as Muizzuddin Muhammad Bin Sam, was born in 1162 in a small region of Ghor located in the mountains between the old Ghaznavid Empire and Seljuk dynasty situated in the western part of the then Ghaznavid Empire. In the present times, the latter is known as Central Afghanistan. Unlike his predecessor Mahmud of Ghazni, Muhammad Ghori remains significant in the medieval history of India for his number of conquests as well as laying the foundation for Muslim rule in India as it was his slave Qutb -ud -din Aibak who was the founder of the first Turkish rule in India in the following years. 

Early Life of Muhammad Ghori 
Born as the younger brother of Ghiasuddin and son of Sultan Bahaudin Suri in the region of Ghor, Muhammad Ghori began his carrier as a general who assisted his brother for his conquests in the west. It was only after re-conquering the city of Ghazna and assisting his brother for his expedition towards the Khwarezmid Empire to gain the control over area of Khorasan that Muhammad Ghori turned his attention towards India in the east. Besides being a strategic warrior he also had a lot of interest towards art and culture where he patronised scholars like Fakhr-ud-din Razi and Nizami Uruzi. However, his greatest success was the establishment of the Turkish Empire in India which added a fresh chapter in the Indian history. 

Muhammad Ghori`s Rise to Power 
Muhammad Ghori came to power only after he re-captured the city of Ghazna from the Oghuz Turks. In 1173 AD he finally brought an end to the Ghaznavid Empire and began the new era of Ghorid Empire in which he himself was the governor while made Ghiasuddin the Sultan. It was only after the death of...
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