Muet Speaking Useful Expressions

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Useful Expressions
Various Expressions used in asking for and expressing opinions Function| Expressions|
Asking for an opinion| What’s your opinion on…What do you think of…What are your views on …| Do you have anything to add?Don’t you think that…| Giving opinions| I believe that..I am certain that..I must say..It is quite clear that..I maintain that ..I am sure that …As far as I am concerned ..I suppose . ..| From my point of view ..In my opinion..I think that…I would say that …It seems to me that …I think it would be fair to say that …I guess..|

Agreement| Disagreement|
Complete Agreement| I totally agree with youI see your point of viewThat’s true/right/brilliantThat’s good/splendid ideaTrue. I am glad you say thatYes, I feel the same way. I agreeYes, I’m sure you are rightAbsolutely/ DefinitelyI couldn’t agree with you moreYes, I think that is a wonderful idea| Direct Disagreement| I’m sorry, I beg to differI absolutely disagree with youI’m sorry but I have to disagreeI disagreeI am afraid that I don’t agreeI don’t think soI don’t see your pointI don’t get it| Tentative Partial Agreement| I agree with you to a pointI agree with you to a certain extentI think you are right butYou’ve got a point there butWell, perhaps you are rightI agree that….but…That may be so butI will take that into considerations| Indirect Disagreement| Are you sure?I could be wrong butI see your point but I think it would be better if ..Really?Oh, I don’t know about thatI’m not sure about thatI do not think that is always true because| Some expressions used in making suggestions, recommendations and some possible responses. SuggestionWouldn’t it be a good idea toShall weI think we shouldI feel that we shouldPerhaps we couldWhy don’t weWhat aboutHow aboutLet’sIt might be a good idea toHave you ever thought ofMaybe we shouldIf I were you, I wouldDon’t you think we should| Positive response| Yes, that’s a good ideaThat would be niceOkay| | Negative...
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