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Make Bikes in the U.S., or Go Abroad To Cut Costs



Table of Contents Introduction 2 Analysis of the current situation 2 Problem statement 3 Alternatives 3 Key decision criteria 3 Evaluation of Alternatives 4 Recommendation 5 Bibliography 6


This report will examine a situation of a company that manufactures bikes for overweight people to help them exercise and lose weight in an easy and enjoyable way.
And will also make recommendations on how to expand the business efficiently with minimum amount of losses and maximum amount of gains, it will identify the problem, it will suggest possible alternatives, and these alternatives will be examined along the key decision criteria and will finally present the most efficient recommendation for the business.
Analysis of the current situation

Problem statement
How can Joan Denizot the founder increase her sales and keep her business on top does she continue manufacturing her bikes in the United States or manufacture them in Asia? Infact this issue isn’t just agonizing Joan Denizot, but it is the main issue agonizing many business owners who want to be number one.

Alternatives * Keep it the way it is * Manufacture bikes in Taiwan * Decrease spending on Quality
The first alternative would mean keep manufacturing bikes in the United States and keep the business the way it is without changing anything
The second alternative means manufacturing bikes in Taiwan with lower costs than being manufactured in the United States
And the third alternative means decrease the quality of her bikes so that they would be manufactured with lower costs therefor be sold cheaper.

Key decision criteria
After looking closely at the factors that are best for the business the key decision criteria are: * Increase bike sales * Increase job opportunities * 100% excellent bike quality

Increase bike sales means more money coming in for Joan which means

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