Made In America

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“Made in America”

The trend towards outsourcing overseas and the slowly decreasing of American manufacturing has made it very difficult to find American-made goods, but not impossible. There are a few small businesses that are still dedicated to manufacturing goods in the United States, but in today’s society, they are hard to come by. Buying goods manufacturing in the USA is something that us consumers, business owners and even the government can do to support these businesses that manufacture their products in America. Pros:

1. No Language Barrier: Communication with your suppliers would be much easier if you’re manufacturing in the United States. There would be no language barrier, no cultural conflict, and overall much easier communication. 2. Product Quality: Product quality would definitely be less of a concern since United States based companies are generally more reliable and quality expectations are much higher in the US. When a business outsources it’s manufacturing, it has to consider its ability to oversee and regulate the production process. Unless you can afford to pay one of your own employees to be on site for every shift, you won’t be able to observe and control the quality of your product and the overall production. 3. Shipping: By manufacturing in America, there is obviously a quicker turnaround and shipping for products. You wouldn’t have the risk of product damage associated with shipping or even dealing with customs for international flights. Faster shipping means faster delivery, which means faster sales. With manufacturing in the United States, shipping costs are much lower. Overseas shipping can be very expensive, while also creating greater room for error, misunderstanding, problems and delays. Shipping within the United States is usually quite reasonable, even for very large shipments. 4. “Made in USA”: By buying products with a “Made in USA” label, consumers are supporting our country and themselves by buying American made...

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