Ms Galluzzo s Essay

Topics: Personal life, Sacrifice, Jamaica Kincaid, Leisure, Year of birth missing, Psychology / Pages: 2 (495 words) / Published: May 6th, 2015
Darrien Carvajal
Ms. Galluzzo
Period 6
October 10, 2014
In order to achieve success in life, a good education lays a strong foundation. Getting a good education is not, however, easy for everyone. In the two works Marita’s Bargain by Malcolm Gladwell and A Walk to the Jetty by Jamaica Kincaid, two girls make a huge personal sacrifice for an education to ensure their chances of success. Marita had to make many sacrifices to attend her new school and she’s expected to go a great length with opportunity she has been given. As for Annie she had to overcome the fact that she won’t be seeing her family for quite a long time and that bridges might be broken for a better cause. These two young girls have many differences now we shall see what is truly different about them beginning with Marita.
As stated by Marita on page 13, line 335 she explains about how she has barely any free time due to the fact of the new she is school attending. Marita feels that she doesn’t get as much sleep as she used to before when she attended her old school as she said on page 13, line 343. One of the biggest sacrifices she makes for her school is that she spends less time with her mother, which at such a young age it’s hard for a mother to not spend time with her daughter as much as she wants to and vice versa for Marita. She has given up her leisure time during her summer for her studies because she is willing to do what it takes to become successful. Although Marita’s sacrifices seem over the top by comparison, Annie’s are just as difficult and as hard to overcome. Annie lives on the small island of Antigua where she was born and raised by her caring father and mother. Her family had just consisted of just her, mother, and father. The thought of having to leave your parents behind has to be one of the most petrifying things a young adult has to go through. This is a way of life and Annie is sought to surpass and overcame that thought. After all the bickering and fighting between Annie

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