Kewauna And Marita Comparison Essay

Topics: University-preparatory school, High school, College Pages: 3 (729 words) Published: December 2, 2014
Mia Scott
September 21st, 2014
English 12/ 1A

Ambitious Bargains
Have you ever wanted to prove somebody or even yourself that you could do better? Have you ever wanted to prove that you were better than what you were or where you came from? That’s what two girls named Kewauna and Marita wanted to do. Kewauna wanted to better her life with the OneGoal program, she took full advantage of her education by getting to know her professors and making them remember her, and anything she struggled with she made sure to study and pay extra attention to. Marita also wanted to take advantage of her education instead of telling her mom that she couldn’t handle the KIPP Academy she toughed through it, even with a 10 hour school day she will go home and study more leaving her with no social life at all, she also goes to school on Saturdays and goes to school during the summer so she can go onto high school. Kewauna and Marita are similar because they are both very ambitious, they both went to successful preparatory schools, and they both come from troubled backgrounds.

Kewauna and Marita are both ambitious because they give up a part of their lives in order to break the stereotype that children from poverty and bad situations can be just as successful as rich kids already given that opportunity. One example of Kewauna being ambitious is when she said “No matter how overwhelming it is, no matter how exhausting it is, I’m not going to give up.” Another example of the two being ambitious is when Marita was telling the interviewer about her schedule like it was something a normal kid would have and she had a completely calm demeanor about the whole thing. Another example for Marita is when she is doing her homework as soon as she gets home from school she goes straight to her homework and doesn’t really want to take a break from it, not even to eat.

Another comparison you can make between Marita and Kewauna is that they both went to strict prep schools. Kewauna went to...
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