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Task 1: Understand the relationship between organisational structure and culture

1: Introduction:

This report is about description, explanation and exploration of organisational behaviour at Tesco Plc. It is divided into four different sections. In first section different structure, culture and its impact on performance is elaborated. It also explored different factors that influence on people behaviour at workplace. This part has only emphasized on organisational structure and culture from performance and behavioural perspectives.

1.1 Compare and contrast three different organizational structures and cultures.

Organisational structure is essential to make effective performance because it provides the foundation of relationship among members of staffs. Structure by the management meet purpose and achieved organisational goals and objectives. According to Mullins (2005, p. 596) structure is about defining tasks, responsibilities, relationships and channel of communication among employees.

Organisational Structure| Characteristics|
Bureaucratic | Rigid, Formal, Centralised, Many layers, Centralised Control, clear chain of command| Divisional-Product, Geography, etc. | Decentralised, Formal, Flexible, few layers| Function (HR, Marketing etc)| Divide by functions Decentralised, Flexible, few layers, | Table 1: Types of organisational structure

Compare and contrast

Though bureaucratic organisation seems clear chain of command the decision making process is very slow and is less responsive to changing to business environment. I functional structure there is clear functional roles but there may be lack of coordination and conflict management values. For performance perspective divisional is good but there are many bosses and conflicting loyalties for employees (Needle, 2010, p. 182).

Three types of Cultures (Handy)
Types of Culture| Descriptions|
Power Culture| Power in hands of few people, Not quick response to change| Role Culture| Bureaucratic nature, formal, Government Authorities, etc| Task Culture| Focus on tasks, team work, specialisation on skills, quick response to change, focus on mission and common vision | Table 2: Organisational Culture

Compare and contrast
Role culture organisation have coordination among departments, and quickly respond to change. Whilst, role culture highly dominated in bureaucratic organisations such as NHS and Royal mail.

1.2 Explain how the relationship between an organization’s structure and culture can influence on the performance of the TESCOS’ activities at this Irish site.

Organisational structure of Tesco can be seen as divisional and functional. According to the corporate website Tesco culture deeply rooted in value customers, and respect employee, work in a team, share knowledge and experience (Our Values, 2012).

In Ireland the culture is based on locally sourced and produced products because it support local employment and economy (CSR Report, 2011). In Irish the main activities is retailing and focus on division banking and insurance service (Annual Report, 2012). Since its operation in Ireland in 1997 its performance is growing continuously (Ireland, 2012). For example, in 2010 the Ireland made profit of £245.3 million by reducing price and opening stores (Mulligan, 2010). Culture of Ireland found typically different than UK therefore Tesco Ireland went through customer research, trading practices, buying habits and emphasizes on value of customer. Ireland Tesco found that shopping is a leisure activities and people do it in pleasant environment therefore management provided professional and personal skills. In Ireland there is no 9-5 working hours. It is replaced by flexible and late night opening. Staffs can work during school hours. Irish Tesco made store with logo reflecting Irish language and took account of Irish customers. Additionally, Tesco Irish employee dress up that is acceptable to...
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