Mr. Tafadzwa Mvundura

Topics: Mold, Bread, Sliced bread Pages: 3 (1064 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Rondebosch Boys’ High School Science Expo

Tafadzwa Mvundura
To investigate and find out the best environmental or physical conditions needed to prevent the growth of mold on foods thus preserving the quality or freshness of the food type itself. Hypothesis

Foods kept in a sealed container that is stored in a cool, dark place (fridge) retain their edible quality and will not mold. Introduction
Most people struggle with the fact that ‘easy-eating’ food, such as bread, can’t be kept for a long period of time without mold developing on its surface thus making it inedible. I found out about this fact the night before school started. As most people have done, I left my lunchbox which contained a sandwich in my bag during the holidays. The night before while I was preparing for school, I discovered this and after opening my lunchbox I saw the disgusting yet fascinating sight of a mold infested sandwich. I started asking myself how and why this mold was had developed on my sandwich. To answer these questions I decided to some investigations which involved gathering research and developing more questions that needed to be answered. Mold is a biological substance that needs a host or substance so that it can multiply and grow. For mold to thrive certain environmental and physical conditions are needed. Mold forms when spores, which are floating in the air, land on a food. Since they are biological their first objective is to multiply and expand. For this process to take place certain conditions need to be present. In terms of mold multiplying on food, the food type would need to be exposed to sunlight and a place where there is air in circulation. This condition is present in most places. The next thing needed is a warm or moist environment which provokes the microscopic mold spores to reproduce and increase in number. Essentially mold is a form of fungi that is found naturally that grows on materials e.g. foods. It is spread by means of fungal...
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