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Chisinau, Moldova


Table of Contents

1 Introduction

2 Analysis of wine sector in Moldova
2.1 Profile / characteristics:
A. Market size (facts & figures)
B. Market developments / trends
C. Trade structure (suppliers, producers, distribution network, buyers)
D. Perspectives sector in home country
E. Legislative and institutional framework
2.2 Strengths
2.3 Weaknesses
2.4 Identify core competences & core problems (USP’s: S+W)
2.5 Threats (internal)
2.6 Opportunities (internal)
2.7 Sector challenges & strategy to address these in home country Action points from chapter 2

3 Selection & analysis of countries / sectors in EU
3.1 Selection criteria (market attractiveness)
3.2 Selection countries / sectors
3.3 Selection market segments
3.4 Analysis market attractiveness and sales potential:
Market size (facts & figures)
Market potential
Market developments / trends
Opportunities (External)
Threats (External)
Market Access & Buyer Requirements
Actions points from chapter 3

4Conclusions on export readiness, growth options & challenges (gap) 4.1 Identification and explanation of cross point SW (core competencies, USP) with OT (1&2) (MAR, CSF)
4.2 Identify battlefield & give sector advice (tactics)
4.3 Identify improvements & give sector advice (tactics)
4.4 Conclusions:
I.export readiness
II.growth options
III.challenges (gap) ref. to core problems (SEMP 2) + strategy to bridge gap Action points from Chapter 4

5Market Entry Strategy
Current Practice
Desired Practice

6Marketing plan
6.1 Export objectives & goals (SMART)
6.2 Strategy & Positioning (tactical plan)
6.3 Market segments (PMC)
6.4 Marketing mix elements:
6.5 Operational Plan: Action plan



This document represents an export marketing plan for the wine sector in Moldova. It is the result of a process in which for the first time, all relevant stakeholders (public and private) in the sector (see participants in appendix) have met, discussed and formulated the necessary steps to develop this plan.

Although the process was facilitated by CBI (Centre for the Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries), it was developed and written by the participants, it represents the common view of the entire wine sector. This document has been compiled after a series of workshops that were held over a period of 6 months.

This sector export marketing plan sets clear and smart (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely) export objectives for the short, medium and long term in selected EU markets. It further specifies an action list for all stakeholders that will assist in restructuring the wine sector in order to be successful. These actions can later be formulated into pilot projects. In first instance the plan will optimise existing budgets and allow for more focussed expenditures. When and where necessary additional funding can be sought for specific actions and projects as formulated in this plan.

The export strategy presented in this document was compiled using following methodology: 1. Analysis of wine sector in Moldova
2. Analysis of wine sector in EU markets
3. Selection & analysis of countries
4. Conclusions on export readiness, growth options & challenges 5. Market Entry Strategy
6. Export Objectives and Action plan

This process resulted in a close cooperation between all concerned stakeholders and the commitment to continue with this process and the implementation of the plan.

This document is beneficial for both public and private sector. For the public sector, it provides important input for national...
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