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Internet, great change to the word
In the past 30 years, the world witnessed a radical change brought by the widely use of the internet. It seemed to be a revolution in many aspects of our life. Among it, there are both benefits harms when the internet seeps into daily life. In this essay, let us talk about how internet has changed our world as well as its future effect on poor areas. To begin with, Education play an important role in society that human beings always try to improve the quality of education. The fact is that internet has tremendously accelerate the progress of education. Teenagers are the largest group which are benefited from it, as the internet has aroused their interest on study and broadened their horizons. We might have a look of the past, in that day people used textbook though, it was inconvenient to take along on the way between home and school. When they searched for resources, it took a long time to find the right books. All of that seems troublesome to us now, and it was the internet that made the situation better. With the internet, we just need to input the key words, clicking on a button then a large amount of information will come up, what an easy method! Through the internet, more knowledge are transmitted, which exactly result in the knowledge explosion world. Almost every things you can find online including science expertise, news, academic resources, as a saying goes,”we can be scientist with a mobile device connected to the internet.” What is equally vital is that internet revolutionized the way of teaching. Online study gradually becomes popular, as we don’t need to have class face to face. With it a learner may save a lot time running around school and home, afterward, arrange his study more reasonable. Totally, the internet has become an effective tool for study. However, the internet is a double-edged sword. It does bring us a lot of benefits, but serious problem happened in education as well. The problem...
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