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Topics: United States, Africa, North America Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Slavery in America
Slavery in America started in 1612 when approximately 20 captive Africans were sold into slavery in the British North American colonies. It started because of lack of understanding on the side of the white people. The Africans were treated horribly. They went through things that they have never imagined in their life, working for the white people. It took almost two centuries for the white race to reach that level of understanding that we all belong to the same human race. Then the government of that time come to eliminate slavery. There were some similarities and difference in the United States and North Africa, but with more chaotic effect in United States To begin with, the lack of understanding of the white to the coloured goes deep in history. America was not an exception. Africans were brought unwillingly to North America to be sold like some kind of an item in the supermarket. The white people found difficulties believing that we all belong to the same human race. For that the coloured were though as the inferior people. Although the coloured were hard working and dedicated, they weren’t given the opportunity to be as equal as others, until times change. Besides, such disgusting racist behaviour not only affected the African families, but it also affected the whole society in general. In simple form, racism brought with it a great deal of prejudice and discrimination. This was the fate of the coloured families. It was like this up until 18600’s when Abraham Lincoln was elected to be the President of the United States; he didn’t like slavery so after three years he cleared slavery out of America. Apart from the lack of understanding and racist behaviour by the white people, there were similarities and differences. They both believed in Slavery, but the North Africans were treating the slaves in a much better way than the Americans did. The Africans understood that the slaves were also human that’s why...
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