Moving Out Essay

Topics: Edgar Allan Poe, The Stuff, StuffIt Pages: 3 (1049 words) Published: October 3, 2010
Tre DeWester
Comp 101
A Brand New Beginning…

I watched the cherry red f-350 pull up and back into the grass covered drive way from my window. Glancing at boxes all around and the all too unfamiliar look of bare walls and cleen floors I realized this was it. I was leaving the one place I had lived all my life. I was saying goodbye to free food, free tv, free showers, free cable, and many other things and in a small part of my brain I knew I wanted to stay a little longer, but who wouldn’t? To be honest I find it quite crazy that I had continued on to moving away from all that wonderful free stuff. I sighed after thinking about all this and my grin slowly returned, I grabbed my first box as the only person who I think of as a brother walked through the door and asked if I was ready. I just laughed and pushed him aside with the box and muttered “what do you think?” Loading up all my stuff I had to stop and watch as box after overly taped box was slid into the truck knowing this was the crazy first step and wondering where I was going to put all this stuff at in my overly stuffed closet of a room. Soon his truck was loaded up and we were tieing everything on it down with brightly colored bungie cords of varying sizes. Using the step on the side of his truck I pulled myself in and buckled the seatbelt. We watched as the other cars I had loaded up earlier pulled out and after starting up the car we slowly followed them. Now I had to laugh at the idea of taking the long way, I wanted to get there fast so I asked to take the freeway. We called everyone and after some worried complaints they all agreed and we turned at the next freeway entrance and were on our merry way. Soon however I learned how much of an awful mistake I made. Watching the mattress in front of us fly out of my aunts pearl white dodge ram was the funniest thing id ever seen in my life, well for about the next 3 seconds. Then we proceeded to run it over, now if I was that mattress id of...
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