Movies in the English Classroom: Are They Beneficial?

Pages: 2 (708 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Persuasive Essay
Should students watch movies in the English classroom?

Did you know that watching movies in English class can be really beneficial to students? English teachers may disapprove movies in classes; however, this method of teaching can be a very important tool for students to excel in the English language. By watching movies, students can become skilled at new learning techniques and improve their knowledge of the English language. Furthermore, it is an efficient method of teaching and lastly, movies play a large part in the learners understanding of the world at large.

To begin with, determining new learning techniques and improving the knowledge of the English language can be accomplished by watching movies in class. By watching films in class, students can become skilled at pronouncing difficult words as they can utilize the techniques actors and actress use when verbalizing them. Moreover, vocabulary used in the films can help develop better writing and speaking skills as students might make use of the figures of speech, expressions, and the diction used in the movie in their everyday life (including English class). In addition, students will be able to observe the elements of fiction taking place in the movie which will assist them in using similar skills when identifying the elements of fiction in a story being read and discussed in English class. In other words, by watching movies, students can discover new learning methods and improve their knowledge of the English language.

Another point is that watching movies is an efficient way of teaching and learning. Every person learns in a different method and watching movies helps a visual learner in English class. By watching films, students can understand different points of view and perspectives of the characters whereas books rarely show more than one point of view. Furthermore, some learners can’t grab information efficiently when the teacher explains it to them as they need...
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