Movie Review: Coach Carter

Topics: Basketball, Value, The Players Pages: 3 (958 words) Published: August 1, 2013
Movie Review: Coach Carter
1. In the locker room after the St. Francis game, did the players of Richmond demonstrate responsibility? Why or why not? -The players of Richmond didn’t show any sign of responsibility because during the whole game they didn’t show their “hunger” to win. And they were playing the game in a very lanky way which made their opponent win the game.

2. What do you think motivates Coach Carter to take the low-paying coach job?
-Personally I think it was because he wanted to return Richmond’s dignity in the field of basketball. He didn’t think of the low pay or it really wasn’t about the money because he wouldn’t discipline the players of the team to strive harder in aiming for their goals and achievements in the latter part of the movie.

3. Do you think the contract is fair? What does your opinion say about your values?
-The contract was fair for me because if I really wanted to have the honor of bringing back Richmond’s dignity then I wouldn’t think of anything else but to sign that contract right away. Yes, it would give me a hard time to adjust but in the end if all the hard work I’d do would be payed back then why not?

4. How does Coach Carter’s son, Damien, demonstrate perseverance in achieving his goals?
-Damien demonstrates perseverance in achieving his goals by practicing time management and, luckily for him, by balancing both his studies and basketball in a very good manner. Although I am sure that all of us may be capable of balancing both important things at a time, Damien strived even harder and pushed his limits even more in order to achieve his goals.

5. Once Cruz asks Coach Carter if he can return to the team, how does he demonstrate self-discipline?
-Cruz demonstrates self-discipline by doing everything Coach Carter asks him to do. Even what he did could almost make him die, he didn’t give up and instead, he did his best to do it all.

6. What does Coach Carter value...
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