Movie: Akeelah and the bee

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Movie: Akeelah and the bee
1. Where and when does the story take place?

This story take place at poor Crenshaw Middle School in South Los Angeles.

2. Who are the main charaters?

a. Akeelah:
b. Dr. Larabee
c. Tanya
d. Mr. Welch

3. Describe the charactes- Akeelah Enderson

a. Akeelah: Eleven year old girl: her father is dead, her mom ignores her, her brother runs with the local gangbangers. She's smart, but her environment threatens to strangle her aspirations. Responding to a threat by her school's principal, Akeelah participates in a spelling bee to avoid detention for her many absences. 

Akeelah is a bright girl, especially when it comes to words, but finds life at poor Crenshaw Middle School boring and unchallenging, so she doesn't try. But her natural aptitude for words spurs the school administrators, led by Principal Welch, to convince her to try out for the process of the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

b. Dr. Larabee:  English professor for the more prestigious regional bee. Teaches Akeelah not only the rote memorization of typical spelling bee words, but how to use English in all its glorious facets.

c. Tanya: Akeelah’s mother. She faced the death of her husband and work to support her children alone. She was mad at Akeelah’s because of her school absences and the participation in the Spelling Bee without her permission.

She feels intimidated when she finds the contests are dominated by children from wealthy families and privileged backgrounds, and argues that the competition may not be in Akeelah's best interest, believing instead that homework should be the one and only priority in Akeelah's life. It soon becomes apparent that if Akeelah has any intention of entering the national spelling bee championships in Washington, D.C., she will not do so with Tanya's permission or blessing. 

d. Mr. Welch: School director. He took advantage of the absences of Akeelah to participate in spelling bee competitions, first into the school, then, represent their school at district, regional and national spelling bee levels.

4. What is the main idea?

If you have some talent you put all your effort in developing it to the fullest and not hide for fear to other people. On the contrary, it will help yourself confident and you will achieve all your goals.

5. What are other themes in the movie?

Encourage, determination, talent, love, comprehension, death, willing to learn.

6. What is the climax of the movie?

When Akeelah and Dylan won the National Spelling Bee ending Co-champions.

7. What is the conflict?

8. How does the movie and (conclusion/resolution?

9. What does “DL” represent or stand for?

DL represents the name of Mr. Larabee’s death daughter, Denise Larabee.

10. Who does Akeelah remind Dr. Larabee of?

His death daughter Denise Larabee.

11. Why was she afraid at the beginning of the movie?

At the beginning of the movie Akeelah was afraid because she feel no matter what she does or where she go she doesn’t fit in her place. Also, she was afraid be in front of the other students spelling the words.

12. What does the tapping of her had against her leg represent? (2)

She used to keep time in the spelling of words.
A more appropriate way for her to learn the spelling of the words.

13. What does the bell represent? (2)
The bell represents that the student failed the spelling of the word. It also represents the student was out of the competition.

14. Why does the mother act behave the way she does with Akeelah?

She feels intimidated when she finds the contests are dominated by children from wealthy families and privileged backgrounds

15. How are Javier and Dylan different?

Javier was very kindly and friendly with Akeelah. His parents didn’t push him to join the spelling bee competition, he really liked to be in. Dylan was rude and cruel with Akeelah. He was...
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