Mountains vs Beach

Topics: Mountain, Coast, Beach Pages: 2 (559 words) Published: January 9, 2012
Taylor Curry
English 101-007
6 January 2012
Vacationing at the Beach or in the Mountains
No doubt, people always look forward to taking a vacation from their typical everyday routine. There are a great number of possibilities to choose from when deciding on where to vacation. The two most common vacationing spots are the beach and the mountains, in which both places offer an unlimited selection of entertaining activities. The mountains have activities that the beach does not offer and vice versa. When trying to determine a vacation spot, many people have trouble deciding between mountainous regions and beach populated areas because of each site’s available activities, climate, and the scenery. One may choose to take a vacation to the beach for various reasons, such as, for the activities, climate and scenery. While on vacation at the beach people can surf, have a picnic, play volleyball, and ride jet skis. The amount of activities is unlimited. A few beaches around the world also offer wonderful cliff diving. In most seaside regions, there are nightclubs and restaurants where people can dance or party throughout the night. Also, the beach can be a very peaceful and relaxing place. The warm climate is one of the main characteristics that the beach offers to vacationers. The seaside areas stay warm year-around. The scenery at the beach is very beautiful. The scenery on costal areas is totally different from any part of the world. Vacationers will see things like sand, palm trees, tropical plants, and wildlife. The beach is described in two words is fun and sun. Taking a vacation to the mountains can be a lot of fun. Many people choose to vacation to the mountains because of the activities, climate, and scenery. The climate is always an important factor for one to enjoy their vacation of choice. If a vacationer dislikes the cold weather, he or she might have a difficult time enjoying the mountains. The cold climate in the mountains is the...
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