Mount Everest Case Study

Topics: Decision making, Emotions in Decision Making, Risk Pages: 3 (867 words) Published: October 4, 2010
Baiba Orga RBS 16b Student number 072RIG067

Mount Everest

In my opinion this tragedy has several causes witch team leaders ignored and in a result the tragedy occurred. It is all about decision making and choice between different alternatives. Choosing criteria and potential results. In respect of this I will make summary of causes: • Weather conditions – team leaders had to carefully analyze conditions of weather and tendencies in latest years. As Boukreev observed: For several days (before Cam IV) the weather had not been stable, and high winds had been blowing at higher elevations. Unfortunately team leaders ignored this fact. They did not take in account changes and did not consider them as possible problems. • Team unity – both groups were made of different persons who did not know each other. This is huge problem in any team work because person has to feel that he is not a single unit but a part of one united group. Unfortunately both groups in this case were stratified. Persons were unfamiliar and had no trust in group companions. Krakauer: We were a team in name only. Each client was in it for himself or herself, pretty much. Team work is essential in such a dangerous actions. As it is mentioned in our study book, members of effective teams trust each other. And they also exhibit trust in their leaders. In this case the trust to leaders was doubtful. When journey started several persons were not able to face up this challenge but leaders tried to convince them that everything is going to be fine. This made some disbelief in leaders. Group members started to be skeptical to leader’s ability finish this journey successful. • Health problems – already at the first camp several persons were sick and not completely ready to this journey. This made them feel emotionally and physically unready. Fisher itself was tired from several problems witch occurred with staff deliveries and of group preparing on the way. He was so affected...
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