Motorcycle Road Racing

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What's the proper way to ride and race a motorcycle? Ask a twenty different riders as well as racers and you will no doubt get twenty different answers. Not even the experts can agree. Look at something as simple as steering: the only way it really works is with counter steering...yet this is not agreed upon. There are "other ways" and they all work, some much better than others. Who are you or I to say what is correct?

"The thing about riding a motorcycle is there is no one proper way--there are lots of ways. And you never stop learning. Take what you hear or read or see or are taught, think about it, give it a go, and if it works, make it your own. Then share it with your friends.

"As a journalist, racer and track-day instructor, I've been doing just that for more than two decades now. Drawing from that experience, I've compiled 20 tips that, for one reason or another, have stuck in my craw for lo these many years. Most I got straight from the source, a few I read in books or magazines, but all are nuggets of information that have served me well. I hope they do the same for you." (Brian Catterson, Motor Cyclist, Lessons Learned: 20 Pro Motorcycle Roadracing Riding Tips)

To quote that article again "LEARN TO THINK FOR YOURSELF

Say what you will about the guru, Keith Code wrote the book on high-performance motorcycle riding and it's called A Twist of the Wrist. Twenty-three years after it was first published, it's still tops on my list. I took Code's California Superbike School twice in 1984 and '85, and at first found his teaching style frustrating. Asked the best line through a corner, he turned the question back to me: "I don't know. There are lots of correct lines. They change depending on what bike you're riding, the condition of your tires, etc. What line do you think is correct?" What I thought was I'd better learn to think for myself."
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