Motivation in Work Settings: Reflection in the Core Organizational Management Strategy

Topics: Motivation, Qualitative research, Maslow's hierarchy of needs Pages: 51 (16084 words) Published: February 3, 2012

The word Motivation is a common terminology which most employers are familiar with and in every organisation the employers has different techniques and strategies the use in motivating their employees. Many scholars have argued on different forms of motivation and argued that to be motivated should be individual employee’s responsibility and the employers responsibility, this theory was criticized by some school of thought.

This research is aim to determine the understanding of employees about motivation and know what forms of motivation actually motivates each employees, this study also elaborate on various forms of motivation and proves that it is not just financial incentives that motivates employees. It was established that not all employees has been motivated in many organisation. However, the importance of motivation in an organisation has proving to be a crucial issue.

Various organisation strive to optimize the performance of its employees so as derive the best ability from every individual and use it at it’s maximise advantage in order to achieve greater standards in all areas such as competence, effectiveness and level of productivity. The use of various forms of motivation in achieving this goal. This approach according to different school thought has generated different opinions. According to Jennifer Rowley (1996), motivation is regarded as the key to stability and further development of quality in any establishment. Going by the vibrant nature of the recent business environment and the constant increase of competitiveness among organisations and the liberation of national economy in line with international politics and dictates, it is important to concentrate on methods of achieving an enduring motivation which would drive people put in their best ability .According to maslow motivation was define as a driving force to satisfy every individuals need he went ahead to say that before individual higher level need is achieved then lower level need has to be satisfied. This definition was agreed by Deci and Moller (1992)

Although there is a general acceptance by some school of thought that agreed that employees are not motivated by financial incentives. According to maslow who believes that self satisfaction is the motivation of employee this theory was supported by deci and moller, (1992) but taylor criticized this definition theory and stated that financial incentives is the main key of motivation of employees to perform brilliantly Louise Smith (1999), Furthermore taylor’s theory was argued by Smith et al., (1997) who agreed that financial incentives has very little influence in motivating employee on participant’s job satisfaction and ensuing work motivation. 1.1Aim and Objective of this Research

This study was carried out to determine the understanding of both the employer/employee about motivation and what is its benefit in work setting also to find out its importance in an organisation management strategy, the level of influence management strategy have on employee’s motivation equally to determine why there is lack of interest towards the discharge of duty and does motivation leads to job satisfaction or job efficiency and the scope of this research is focused on Guarantee trust bank in Nigeria.

1.2Brief History of the Company
Guarantee trust Bank plc which was licensed to carter commercial and other Banking services to the Nigerian masses was incorporated as a limited liability Banking firm in the year 1990. The Banks lunched into full operation in the year 1991 and since its inception it has grown to be one of the reputable and reliable banks in Nigeria with full service capacity in Nigeria. Some few years later in the month of September 1996 Guaranty trust Bank became a public recommended company to win the Nigerian stock exchange presidential merit award. That same year and subsequent years ahead starting from the year 2000 to the year 2008.The Bank was late...
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