Motivation at work

Topics: Motivation, Employment, Maslow's hierarchy of needs Pages: 4 (1335 words) Published: December 8, 2013

Why do people go to work?

In this assay I like to talk about my personal experience of going to work with no motivation for a job, and actually the idea of knowing that you have to go to work you hate. I have been suffering from extreme apathy, lack of motivation and lost interest at my job. What ended up happening is that I fund a job that looked acceptable for short period of time, just to make some money to pay bills, but I got stuck there working in it for a years. Work takes up large proportion of our lives and gives people identities of who we are in the certain way, if there is no motivation for work and you are always miserable that is becoming part of your identity. There are many theories about motivation at work, the most relative to me is theory of Abraham Maslow’s (1943), which suggest that motivation is based on meeting psychological need of a person, section1, Book 2 of An introduction to human resource management in business. (b)

People go to work for various reasons for some work could be idea of leisure when you do what you like and actually looking forward to go to work, for others like me work could be a place that motivates only for money, theory of Douglas McGregor (1960). I believe the reason why is happening to some individuals, because every person have a reason to believe that they will be recognised and promoted if they work hard even is not part of any formal contract. Every employee have a psychological contract with their employer, which implicit expectations, obligation and promises that both parties believe have been made with regard to what each owes and expect to receive from the other. If that’s not happens as you have expected the job may lead to dissatisfaction and lack of motivation. Victor Vroom (1964) with his expectancy theory states that is not only a reward that...
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