Motivation and women

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Motivation is an urgent motive to excel in one’s personal life. It also includes work for social welfare and influence the environment. Women as an entrepreneur are taking-up various enterprises according to their knowledge and skills. With the passage of years number of women entrepreneurs gradually is increasing. The entrepreneurs require knowledge regarding particular enterprise, marketing and awareness regarding products. Majority of women possesses moderate achievement motivation. ACHIEVEMENT MOTIVATION AMONG ENTERPRENUER WOMEN

Psychologists have noticed that some people have an intense desire to achieve something, while others may not seem concerned about their achievements. This difference is because of degree of achievement motivation. Achievement motivation is defined as the need to perform well or the striving for success, and evidenced by persistence and effort in the face of difficulties. Achievement motivation is regarded as a central human motivation. When a person is motivated to achieve something, he is said to be an achievement motivated person. So Achievement motive is an important instrument for developing/enhancing entrepreneurship among women to make them self-dependent. Though they have to perform multiple roles, even then they are running their enterprise at their own risk. Definitely they are achievement motivated. Achievement motivation has been acclaimed by reputed psychologists of the world. Various psychologists in the world have named and called this motive differently as High need for achievement, Drive and energy, a desire to achieve, Achievement orientation and ambition strong desire for individual achievement.

Achievement motivation has been judged on the basis of three categories; Low
Women entrepreneurs possessing low attributes were those who were not so much involved, attentive but just survivor to their enterprise. Moderate women entrepreneurs were those doing substantial enterprise and introduce new ideas in their enterprise on calculated basis of success and failure. Women entrepreneurs possessing high attributes were those who were up-to-date to introduce new ideas in their enterprise and place emphasis on innovation rather than totally on profit and loss which is also an important criterion for running an enterprise. URGE FOR MORE

When the desire for achievement becomes a dominant concern for a person it is expressed in restlessness, driving energy to aim at attaining excellence, getting ahead, beating competitors, doing things better, faster, more efficiently and finding unique solutions to different problems. This need of achievement motivation leads people to become entrepreneurs. Such women with strong achievement motivation set challenges, goals, demanding more efforts and goals, which are possible to attain. These women are not satisfied with automatic success that comes from easy goals nor do they try to do the impossible, they make long range plans and like to get concrete feed-back on how well they are doing, so that their plans can be modified accordingly. WAYS TO BUILD MOTIVATION IN WOMEN

Motivation and achievement have a direct relationship. Motivation to live a healthier life can be built in the following ways to increase the level of commitment: - Proper Goal-Setting
The link between motivation and your goals comes from the right type of goal-setting. If your goals are too lofty -- dropping 20 pounds in a month, for instance -- you're bound to fail, which inevitably reduces your motivation to continue. Instead, setting short-term goals is just as, if not more, important as setting those long-term goals. If you want to exercise more, try setting a goal to hit the gym every day for just one week. It's highly achievable and when you meet that goal, you'll feel accomplished and more motivated to take on the next phase. Creating Intrinsic Motivation

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