Motion Graphics

Topics: Graphic design, Rule of thirds, Design Pages: 1 (308 words) Published: March 18, 2012
1.What is the rule of thirds?

The rule of thirds is also known as the Golden Ratio and is applied to pictures and images. An image is taken and divided into 9 equal parts by two horizontal and two vertical lines. It is more appealing to the eye and also would create more interesting pictures.

2.What is the purpose of roughs and storyboards?

Roughs and storyboards are used to tell a story or video. They are pictures of the story drawn out on separate pieces of paper. A rough is used to see if the music goes with the story.

3.What is semiotics and why is it important to the field of motion graphics?

Semiotics is a field of study that includes everything that is used to communicate. It is important to the field of motion graphics because motion graphics are used to convey communication to the audience.

4.Why is it important to understand the audience?

It is important to understand the audience because it helps you to create art that is appealing to a certain demographic or a certain type of people. You can target a young audience, an older audience, a conservative audience, etc. It helps you to know exactly who will be watching what you are producing so that you can make sure that it appeals to that group of people.

5.What were the principles of the Bauhaus movement?

The principles of the Bauhaus movement was unity of form and function and promoted working together as one. The Bauhaus created items that had uniformity and the designs were simplistic. The Bauhaus designed furniture and used materials that were not commonly used at that time. The Bauhaus also designed a building that was clean, simple, and was made of concrete and glass. It was considered the basis of modern agriculture.
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