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One World: Motion

Topic: Write an article that explores how the Physics of Motion is (or can be) used to solve a specific problem in a local or global context.

Millions of people everywhere around the world make use of the principles of motion to travel up and down quickly within a tall building. The use of elevators has been around since ancient medieval times since then has grown from being powered by a hoist and winder to electric and hydraulic motors1. An elevator is basically a mechanical metal box wedged between vertical passageway in a multistoried building, which capabilities of only travelling either up or down2. Elevators work on a series of pulleys and electric or hydraulic motor3. The user will walk into the elevator and the elevator doors will close. Next, the system will receive user input about which floor to travel to from the buttons pressed. Using counterweight, the elevator will be pulled up or released down according to user’s request. Counterweight is weight that evens out the weight of the load, so there are no imbalances4.
The elevator is one of the most important inventions ever created because it replaces the conventional method of taking the stairs to get to different floors. It reduces human effort and saves time and energy. For example, moving heavy objects from one floor of a building to another would be a difficult task if done on the stairs. Construction sites always have a working elevator to transport heavy material from the ground to higher places where its needed. Secondly, the elevator is more compact than the conventional staircase, which is ideal in places like apartment buildings. Finally, the elevator is a must for those on walking support such wheelchairs or crutches. The elevator makes life much easier for these people travelling floor to floor.
Elevators are become more effective over time with the advancement of physics in motion. For example, the elevator in the Burj Khalifa travels at

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