Mother Teresa

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Mother Teresa of Calcutta

By:Ashley Rivas
May 22nd , 2013
Mother Teresa, was a woman who never lost faith in herself and in her people. She always found a way to help the poor and provide for them. She cared for the world and the effects of the people who didn’t have a well enough income to pay for their illness. She cured thousands of people gave many preaching’s and gave food to the hungry. From this day on, Mother Teresa, has feed the hungry, gave a roof to sleep and built clinics for the less fortunate.

Mother Teresa’s name at birth is Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu. Agnes’s family, was a family of five children and both parents. Agnes and her family were very religious and would go to church about three times a week, since Agnes was 5 years until she was 17 years or age. Agnes’s dad was a guitarist in the church choir, and to make him proud, she began to sing. Her family was very wealthy and always gave to the poor on special holidays. Agne’s by this time, she began to support the poor and help the needy.

The Loreto Sisters of Dublin were missionaries and educators founded in the 17th century to educate young girls. In 1928, the future Mother Teresa began her religious life in Ireland, far from her family and the life she'd known, speaking a language few understood. One year later, Gonxha was sent to Darjeeling to the novitiate of the Sisters of Loreto. In 1931, she made her first vows, choosing the name of Teresa, honoring both saints of the same name, Teresa of Avila and Therese of Lisieux. It was time for the new Sister Teresa to begin her years of service to God's people. She was sent to St. Mary's, a high school for girls in a district of Calcutta.

Mother Teresa, helped the sick, dying, and the orphaned. There were millions of people in need in India. India's independence, and partition all contributed to the masses of people that lived on the streets. (Mother Teresa, 1997) While the hospitals were overflowing with patients that had...

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