Mentor Archetype

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The Mentor Archetype
An archetype is an original model of a person or ideal example which can be copied by others. It is a symbol that can universally be recognized (The Writing). The archetype of being or having a mentor is well known in many situations and pieces of art. A mentor is a wise and trusted counselor, teacher, or adviser who can be a part of one’s life and experiences (Mentor). They are trustworthy and known for giving wise advice when come to with a problems. Mentors are also those who inspire and teach others while getting nothing in return. The only benefit for themselves is knowing that they were helping others. They do their work only to benefit the ones who truly need the guidance. Many mentors have six words that describe the code they follow when mentoring others. They shall Master, Empathize, Nourish, Trust, Observe, and Reassure the mentored through a simple, trusting, and respectful relationship(Shadlow). ADD THESIS Mother Teresa is known as one of the most famous women in the world. She has affected so many people through her love and service of others. She has been an inspiration to many young women and a mentor to those who needed help. Mother Teresa reached out her hand to anyone who needed help and lived her life as a loving, serving sister in the order of Sisters of Loretto. Mother Teresa started with a school in the slums to teach the children of the poor. She also learned basic medicine and went into the homes of the sick to treat them (Early). Throughout Mother Teresa’s life she did so many amazing things for others. She inspired and taught others to serve each other in a way that became known worldwide. Mother Teresa had a vision to serve a cause greater than oneself and help other women and their families struggling throughout the world, embracing a shared mission: freedom and peace (Hentschel). Noel Irwin Hentschel personally had the opprutunity of meeting Mother Teresa. Hentschel said that her and her family were taught life...

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The Karate Kid
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Star Wars: Prequel Trilogy and Original Trilogy
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