Most Exciting Experience

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My Most Exciting Experience?

Life has not much of excitement for me. My life was just a cycle of going to school then home after. I barely go out and spend some time with my peers. That same cycle went on until I reached college. Though I had some sort of excitement when I transferred to a new college.
On my supposedly second year in college, my parents decided to enroll me to an altered school which is Tarlac College of Agriculture. When I was on my way to TCA to enroll, I almost got lost because I didn’t know how to get there and it’s too far. The only thing my parents said to me was that it is in Camiling and they didn’t even insist to accompany me. Great! That was so kind of them. Luckily, I reached the place in one piece. Haha. I ask the guard where I can inquire then I crossed the road to get to the main building. I was shocked when he yelled at me. Then he said that I should’ve waited for him to say it’s okay to cross. I laughed because of the look in his face. Haha. I haven’t enrolled yet and I already got scolded by the guard. When I saw the campus, I was truly awed. My former school was small compared to its size. It even had streets in it. Right then I thought that I would love to go to this school and it would be exciting.  After I officially enrolled, I got another thing to deal with, a place where I will stay. Luckily, there is a dormitory right inside the campus. This time I was with my mother because she’s the one who will speak to the manager. I got more excited because I will learn how to be independent here.
A day before the first day of class, my stuffs are all packed and I’m ready to go. My parents and my cousin accompanied me to the dormitory because I can’t carry all of my things and they wanted to see my room. We fixed my bed and arranged the closet then they went home. I started to feel home sick because all of my roommates knew each other and I’m the only one left out. I was introverted. In the room, there are nine of us and we all have

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