moss landing

Topics: Monterey County, California, California, Native Americans in the United States Pages: 2 (582 words) Published: February 26, 2014
Keyanna Raihani
Speech 2 Group Communication
Dr. Daniel Fox
February 18, 2014

Beachcomber Project: Moss Landing
Driving down highway 1 revealed an old metal sign reading, “Moss Landing”. The historic city sat on a vast harbor with fishing boats and sailboats. Tourists and residents succumbed to the town activities, enjoying the much-needed sunshine. The infamous Moss landing has an intriguing history and attracts a diverse range of people. The beach has encountered grave threats as well as driven, inspiring community leaders. Monterey Bay, along with the rest of the California coast, was discovered by Spanish explorers. Prior to the Spanish expedition, the bay was inhabited by a native American tribe known as the Ohlone. They relied on the hunting, fishing, and gathering from the ocean. Spanish galleons desperately awaited safe harbor for their ships. Sebastian Vizcaino, a Spanish merchant, discovered Monterey Bay and used it as a safe port. The Portola expedition ran by the governor of lower California, Don gasper de Portola, took possession of Monterey Bay on June 3, 1770. The Spaniards wiped out the natives natural resources and cultures. Moss landing, and its residents endured a catastrophic event prior to the year 1981. Their septic tanks failed followed by water contamination. These events caused health problems in the surrounding community. Federal grants provided sanitary sewers for the area resolving the issues. Moss landing currently faces environmental and biological threats that could negatively affect its future circumstance. For example, the loose and eroded soil found in the Moss Landing puts the city in a moderate to high risk for seismic activity. The area is surrounded by active faults, which could lead to an earthquake. Species such as the California sea otter and California clapper rail are all species threatened by the changes in the environment. Also, rare plant species only found in Monterey are becoming more and more...
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