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In this paper I will discuss about the history of the Mormon religion also called the church of Jesus Christ of the latter day saints, also the doctrine that they as church follow. How were the founder and how they lived back in beginning of the Church, also how they live in today society and how other people see this religion, is some of the subjects that this paper will talk about. The Mormon religion used and still has different doctrine as all the Christian religions in the United States and the essay will discuss some of them and the problems that have in the past and today society.

1. Mormon History……………………………………………...……4 2. Differences of Mormons and Other Christians Religions………....5 3. Doctrine……………………………………………………………7 4. Life During History………………………………………………..9 5. References………………………………………………………..12

Mormonism is a religion that was founded in 1830 by six members in Fayette New York. This religion is viewed as a cult by other religions. It has since gained worldwide popularity where over three million people are members. It was founded by a young man called Joseph Smith who was born on December twenty third in the 1805 Vermont. According to him, he was chosen to restore the church of Jesus Christ which had been corrupted. (Meldrum and Stephens, 2003) The followers of this religion do not like to be called Mormons but prefer be known as the church of Jesus Christ of the latter day saints. It was initially called the church of Christ when it was founded in 1830 but was later changed to the church of the latter day saints dropping the name of Christ in 1834.One of the Mormon apostles later in 1838 declared that the church was to be called the church of Jesus Christ of the latter day saints (Quinn, 1994). According to Joseph Smith, he was saw many visions where a person who resurrected from the dead called Moroni came to him and gave him golden plates that were to be the authority of the new church of Christ of the latter day saints. These plates came to be the book of Mormons. Joseph Smith also claimed that John the Baptist came and ordained him into the priesthood of Aaron called the Aaron priesthood in 1829.He was latter ordained by other disciples of Christ like John, James and Peter to become a spokesman of God. (Padfield, 2003) The Mormons believe that there is no salvation when one is not ordained into the Melchizedek Priesthood. This is why Joseph Smith was ordained into this priesthood by the three disciples Peter, James and John. This meant that the church had been fully authorized to restore true religion that had been lost through corruption. The religion was established in America.

They therefore view America as holy and divine land and believe that the first resurrection will happen in Missouri in America. Mormons have beliefs that differ from the orthodox Christianity. They do not view the Holy book as the only source of authority like the Christians. They believe in the bible, the book of Mormons and the visions of their prophet Joseph Smith. They dwell on covenants and doctrines. They see the bible as incomplete and needs additional information. They refer to the King James Version which they say is well translated. (Meldrum and Stepgens, 2003) The point of argument when it comes to the bible is the mode of translation. They say as long as it is correctly translated then it is a source of authority. However, they do not see it as a strong authority so they refer to other sources. According to the history, the battle that caused the destruction of the Tower of Babel brought to existence two nations that are the Lamanites and the Nephites (Leavitt, Marshall and Crandall, 2003). The Nephites became true Christians because they were civilized but the Lamanites were cursed. They became dark skinned and were extremely poor. They later perished and the Nephites were...

References: Mormons had racist’s beliefs because they believed that black skin is a sign of sin and the curse. This belief was held strongly such that black people were viewed as inferior and were never put into consideration religion wise until 1978 (Padfield,2003).
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