More Public Safety, Less Hooliganism or Both?

Topics: Police / Pages: 5 (1195 words) / Published: Mar 26th, 2014
More Public Safety, Less Hooliganism or Both? As you know Football is a massive deal in the UK where almost 27 million people attended football matches in the English Premier League alone last season. This is bearing in mind that England has 4 professional leagues. I am trying to find out whether there is a need for and increase in Public Safety or less Hooliganism. It is all well and good that football clubs rake in billions of dollars profit every year but is the safety of the fans consistently assured? Too many times in the 2012/2013 season, players and fans were attacked by a minority of fans labeled as hooligans. This hooliganism includes fights with fans from the opposing teams, chanting (sometimes racist), rioting in their city and worst of all pitch invasions where in some cases players/officials have been attacked and killed. However amongst all this there is still the argument that if more police are recruited for match days will they (the police) abuse their authority? Will it trigger more violence? For example there was a newspaper seller named Ian Tomlinson from England who was struck by over enforcing police officers “G20 Police Assault” theguardian. The Guardian, Paul Lewis and Shehani Fernando, Tuesday 7 April 2009). There is also the possibility that the police could be seen as an enemy by big groups of fans. This was exemplified in the Tottenham riots in 2011. To the FA, UEFA and FIFA (Football Governing Bodies) there has not been consistency in coverage by police at these public events such as football games. Tragedies such as the Hillsborough Disaster were directly linked to the fact that there was a lack of police at the match; which led to the death of 96 and 766 injured with 300 of them needing hospital attention. The IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission) conducted an investigation and came to a conclusion that if more police were present and fully briefed, no one would have died or gotten injured. If that

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