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Moral Theory on Abortion

By ls6velless454 Dec 03, 2012 352 Words
Jamie Shay
Nov.10, 2012
Dr. Boria
Philsophy 306

Moral Theory: Abortion

After hearing a criticism of abortion by Don Marquis, and a defense of it by Judith Thomson I still haven’t changed my opinion on how I feel about it. I did enjoy the insight brought forward by both Marquis and Thomson, and the analogies, but the fact is I am prochoice with abortion, and that is where I stand with the issue. I am prochoice partially because I am not very religious and I don’t allow that to sway my decision. Not to mention the fact you brought up in class how a lot of very conservative Christians tend to neglect what the Bible says about it in the 21st chapter of Exodus, “the Law of Israel commands a penalty of death for murder but only a fine for causing a pregnant woman to have a miscarriage.” Besides the fact that I don’t allow religion to play a role in abortion, I personally don’t think men have any say so on the issue at all. After all they don’t have to deal with any part of a pregnancy other than for moral support, and of course if they want to keep the child or not. As far as abortion involving rape I think it is strictly up to the woman whether or not they would like to keep it, but I would assume in most cases considering it is unplanned I would doubt the likelihood of a mother wanting to keep the child of a rapist. As far as late abortions it really starts becoming a bit of a complicated issue, but it sounds like there are already a lot of state laws regarding up to when a woman can have one. I think the average is up to 25 weeks depending on the state. In conclusion I am prochoice, because why should anyone decide whether or not they want to keep the child besides the mother, and father? This isn’t up to some politician or a conservative religious person it should be up to whoever’s body it is.

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