Moral Studies Assignment

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Westminster International College

Subject: Moral Studies
Lecturer: Mr. Selva
Semester: semester 5th
Student Intake: June 2011
Submission Date: 17 December 2012

1) Explain about the Deontological Theory and state some examples.
Deontological moral techniques are recognized by attention to the moral law, the freedom and obligations. To make the right moral choices, we must know that our moral obligations and that the appropriate guidelines exist to control those obligations. When we adhere to our responsibility, we act fairly. When we fail to adhere to our responsibility, we act immorally. Generally, in any deontological system, our obligations and rights are identified by God. Being moral, is the answer to the question of whether we respecting God or not?

Deontological moral techniques typically stress the reasons why certain actions are performed. Just after the right moral guidelines are often not enough, instead, we have to have the right inspiration. This can allow a person is not considered wrong, even if they have damaged the moral guidelines, but only because they were inspired to adhere to some appropriate moral responsibility.

However, the right inspiration in itself is never a justified reason for activity in deontological moral techniques and cannot be used as a basis for explaining the activity as fairly right. Also, do not simply believe that something is the right responsibility to adhere to. Duties and obligations must be identified logically and is not very subjective.

There is no place in deontological techniques for very subjective feelings, but on the contrary, the majority of followers reprehended subjectivism and relativism in all its forms.

Perhaps the most essential thing to comprehend about deontological moral techniques is that their values are completely individual from any repercussions that following these concepts can have. So, if you have a moral responsibility not to lie, the lie is always so - even if it results in harm to others. (, 2011)

The word values are resulting from the Ancient origins Deon significance responsibility, and images, which means technology. Thus, deontology is the "science of responsibility." Key problems that are deontological moral techniques, the following issues:

What is my moral duty?
What are my moral obligations?
As I think about one moral responsibility against one another?

In every situation, the deontologist considers that there is something right or incorrect in the act itself. There is something about relaxing or eliminating that is basically incorrect, regardless of what excellent you could achieve by relaxing or taking - or eliminating - in some particular situation. When they are pushed on this, they have some very powerful answers:

"My responsibility is to make sure that I do not do wicked. If I destroy to preserve a lifestyle, by eliminating I am resulting in wicked. My first responsibility is always to make sure that I am excellent in myself. Killing or relaxing or taking would make me bad in myself." "If everyone followed my guidelines, then no-one would be eliminating, relaxing, or taking, and wicked would vanish on the globe."

“If I have a company and I try to be sincere with my client because loyalty is the most successful strategy not because of loyalty itself it is not ethical because I did not checked out loyalty as an end” 2) How can you fight the negative and unhealthy elements in the use of internet? Study the problem from moral, social, politics and business perspective. Internet is a great and irreplaceable platform for countless activities starting from simple communication and ending with things like banking and shopping. Internet allows millions of people stay in touch no matter how far they are, it grants countless possibilities to its users. You can buy, surf and travel without leaving your house and all of that is Internet’s merit. There are no doubts, that Internet is an...

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