Moral Compass

Topics: Morality, Ethics, Moral Pages: 3 (1223 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Time to Dust Off Our Moral Compass
Is there an objective set of rules governing our behavior of right and wrong decisions, or does morality come from our personal own preferences? The phrase “gut feeling” is something most people would describe as our own guide to what is right or wrong. It is like when we feel pain, we do not need someone to tell us it hurts, we just know it does on our own. However, as young adults, we tend to fall back on our society’s morals and change our objective morality to subjective morality. This means that instead of thinking about how our decisions will affect our society as a whole, we focus in on how it will impact our own lives. The generation of today does have a sense of what is right and what is wrong, we just push it aside from time to time to benefit our own lives. Young adults and teenagers are capable of understanding what is truly right or wrong. We have the maturity and the intelligence level to discern a good decision from a bad one. In our society we understand that murder is wrong, drugs are bad, and eating healthy is good. As a whole we have a general outline as to what are acceptable and unacceptable choices. It is when we stop looking at the big picture and hone in on our own personal needs that we veer off the path of our moral compasses. We then develop a very selfish and unequal way of living due to everyone being out for him or herself. One of the main reasons we choose to change our decisions is because of our insanely competitive attitude. Competition, along with popularity and self-centeredness, is what drives our decision making process. Instead of taking a problem and analyzing it to come to a conclusion as to whether it is morally acceptable, our society tends to weigh its choices on which option is more popular or which will get us further ahead of others. Unfortunately, many teens today would choose to cheat on a test, or plagiarize an essay, rather than put in the effort to do it themselves. Even...
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