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According to Nascar they are one of the biggest spectator sports in the US today. Who doesn't love to watch cars zooming around a track trying to find out who is the fastest? In the late 1930's Southern Americans were looking for some entertainment and decided to watch bootleggers race each other to see who was the fastest. By December 1947 Big Bill France organized a meeting to conceive an idea of stock car races. And by February 1948 the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, otherwise known as Nascar was born. But how did moonshine really get Nascar going? Prohibition

Prohibition was a national law enforcing a ban on the sale, manufacture, or transportation of alcohol. This ban was obligatory between 1920 to 1933. If you happened to get busted with alcohol, especially if you were a bootlegger you were looking at Federal Charges. There were huge disputes as to whether or not the government should be able to moderate alcohol in the US. Many people felt their rights were being violated. While others like George Remus, a well known criminal attorney, changed from lawyer to bootlegger. George Remus was amazed at the ease bootleggers had in their step when peeling bills of a wad of cash to pay their lawyer fees. Soon George Remus would be a renowned bootlegger bringing in more money than Al Capone. Bootleggers

Bootleggers were the guys who drove the bottled moonshine from the stills to the customer. Bootleggers had to get extremely good at outrunning the police, because if they didn't then they would be in jail and unable to support their families. Since bootlegging was their livelihood not only did they learn to drive fast down narrow back country dirt roads, but they also modified their cars. Some of the modifications bootleggers used were: * 1. They built the springs up for suspension.

* 2. Altered the cars frame
* 3. Altered the cars tires
4. According to David Sosbee (son of Gober Sosbee a racing legend and bootlegger) that bootleggers could even buy a '56 El Dorado Cadillac motor made for an ambulance straight from a car dealer as a replacement motor. This new Cadillac motor would come without a serial number because it was a replacement, so if the car got busted the cops couldn't trace it back to the owner. Bootleggers would carry around 30 cases of moonshine at a time racing down the back roads trying to stay incognito. Bootleggers would drive stock cars so they would blend in better, and not draw attention to themselves. If a bootlegger had to outrun the cops they would drive at speeds around 100 mph. Now that's pretty fast for a car nowadays. Just imagine not having all the power steering, hydraulics, or even air conditioning while outrunning the cops. This is why bootleggers became so good at driving. Goodbye Prohibition….Hello Nascar

Prohibition ended in 1933 and people needed some new kind of entertainment. With the end of Prohibition came the loss of excitement with going to the Speakeasies. During prohibition people would get a surge of excitement knowing they were breaking the law to party in these secret clubs, but now that they were legal again it was back to the humdrum of daily life. Except now there were all these fast cars with great bootlegger drivers, so they decided to see who had the fastest car. Think back to all those street racing movies you've seen or heard about and that's exactly what these bootleggers started doing. Bootleggers were excellent drivers they had to be otherwise they'd be in jail. Even the bootleggers wanted to see who had the fastest car, and best moves. Bootleggers started street racing and it became so popular that Nascar was born, and is still around today. Thanks to prohibition our country has an exciting and fun spectator sport, and to think it all came from guys breaking the law.

It all started in the 1930's when gear heads got together amping up stock cars into speed demons....
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