Monsters We Have Created

Topics: Pregnancy, Embryo, Abortion Pages: 3 (1027 words) Published: October 28, 2012
LyBria Stallworth
27 February 2012
2nd Period
Prenatal testing and fetal tissue testing are directly tied to abortion, and while both can be beneficial, both can also become monsters if taken to the extreme. Prenatal testing is a general term for both screening tests and diagnostic tests done during pregnancy to detect Down syndrome and other genetic disorders. Some reasons parents choose to do prenatal testing are that a close relative or previous child has had a serious condition, both parents are carriers of the same faulty gene, or the mother is in her mid-30’s or older and there is an increased risk for having a baby with chromosomal problems, there has been exposure to chemicals. There are many other reasons why parents would choose to do prenatal testing though. Fetal tissue implant/therapy is an experimental medical therapy where researchers implant tissue from a fetus to a patient for treatment of disease. Fetal tissue implantation/therapy has many uses such as placing fetal brain tissue into a person with Parkinson’s disease, and the fetal tissue will supply chemicals lacking in the diseased brain. These two things are related by abortion. In order to receive fetal tissue a woman must have an abortion or a miscarriage, and if a baby doesn’t have the desired characteristics and traits when prenatal testing is done the parents can choose to have an abortion. Prenatal testing does have its pros and is not completely bad. Prenatal testing can be used to detect diseases or syndromes in your unborn child, can detect stillbirth, they enable medical or surgical treatment before or after birth, and it can determine the sex of your baby which is the most anticipated event while pregnant with the exception of the actual delivery of the baby. There are invasive and non-invasive methods of prenatal testing. Invasive methods include intruding into the mother’s body, or even probing inside the embryo. Some non-invasive methods include various forms of sonography...

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