Monster's of Society

Topics: Beowulf, Kill, Grendel Pages: 2 (553 words) Published: May 14, 2013
F D Lee 1
Dana Lee
Honors English 12
Mrs. Price
January 20, 2013
The Monsters of High School
Life of a teenager comes with a lot of obstacles. While society throws many obstacles to the youth of today, the biggest 'monsters' are the ones we as a person create ourselves. The anger that is projected from a person, greed, the pride, the jealousy, or even the constant need to be number one. Today's society struggles with the thought of being left behind - exiled if you will, it's even worse for the youth of society, fore they are the ones who are creating the future. Like the monsters in Beowulf we as society struggle with common issues, like the ones I mentioned earlier. Grendel, a beast like individual who projects jealousy quiet often (1-4). He's constant sorrow of being exiled causes him to lash out and kill (35-39). We may not go as far to kill someone the way Grendel did, but we do kill people's self-esteem. Jealousy is a monster in its self. The thrive to be better than another boils inside of a person until said person acts on it. Rather than killing, like Grendel, young society tends to lower anther's self-esteem. The actions of Grendel are resulted into cowardly tendencies when Beowulf conquers the beast (390-395). Which proves that jealousy is a coward hidden behind a tough exterior. In Beowulf's second battle he conquers Grendel's mother, who is described as a sea witch. The monster is pushed by anger of Beowulf killing her son. She lashes out and kills Hrothgar's closest friend. In society our anger is portrayed though our actions, though those Butterworth 2

action may not be killing someone, we tend to be aggressive when anger takes over. The act of school shootings, robberies, fights, words of hate, these being just a few examples of societies monster of anger. Though at the end anger did not prevail, it was demolished with courage. Resulting in anger being brought on by someone of lower intelligence than an individual who refused to take...
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