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The Monkey’s Paw

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A. Summary
Instructions: Complete the summary of the story below by filling in the missing works. (10)

The White family—mother, father, and son Herbert—are spending a cozy evening at (1)____________ when the father's friend Sergeant Major Morris drops by for a visit. In the course of telling stories about his travels to (2) ____________, Morris reveals that he has a magical (3) ____________that will give its holder three wishes. The Whites beg to use it; Morris warns them against its (4) ____________powers but then agrees to leave it with them. Mr. White makes a wish for (5) ____________, and nothing happens. But later the next day, the parents receive notice that Herbert was (6) ____________by machinery at work and that the company will compensate them $2,000. The parents agonizingly bury their son and mourn him deeply until Mrs. White gets an idea: to make a second (7) ____________for Herbert to be brought back to life. Mr. White resists, thinking it dangerous, but finally gives in. But when they soon hear an eerie and terrifying (8) ____________on the door, the father whispers a third wish. When (9) ____________ opens the door and no one is there, we realize that Mr. White has wished for (10) ____________to rest in peace.

B. Comprehension Questions
Main ideas
1. A central idea in "The Monkey's Paw" is (1)
a. money makes life easier.
b. mothers love their children more than fathers do. c. old friends bring good luck.
d. be careful what you wish for.

2. The main idea of the excerpt below is that (1)
a. Morris wants to get rid of the monkey's paw.
b. people think the power of the monkey's paw is a fairy tale. c. Morris treasures the monkey's paw.
d. people want to try out the monkey's paw first and pay Morris later.

[Sergeant Major Morris] shook his head. "It's silly, I suppose," he said...
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