English 9 Scavenger Hunt

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English 9 Scavenger Hunt
Directions: Explore the Welcome LiveLesson recording, the
English 9 curriculum, and your teacher’s message board to find the answers to the questions below. Then WEBMAIL your
answers to your English teacher. In the subject line of your Webmail, type your name, then “Scavenger Hunt Answers” (e.g. “Alicia Kelley Scavenger Hunt Answers”).

1. Where can you find the Writing with Power textbook?
2. How many vacation days are listed on the school calendar? 3. When you are using MLA format in your writing, what do you put in the right header?
4. What tool will you use to prove that you have not plagiarized your portfolio work? 5. Where do you find the link to the plagiarism checker?
6. What are your English teacher’s Open Office Hours?
7. True/False You will be required to use the 6 Traits Power Write Tool when writing your portfolio assignments.
8. What is the title of the story on pg. 346 of your Pathways literature book? 9. How many portfolio rough drafts will you submit for a grade? 10. How many times can you redo a portfolio to raise your score?

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