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monitoring system

By cabralkimrussel Sep 16, 2014 417 Words
Background of the Study
In the world of business the owner of the company must have a proper management, effective marketing strategy and most especially a monitoring system. Businesses nowadays always have inventory warehouses attached to the production facilities where raw materials, consumables and other materials are stored and issue for the production of food basis.

Len’s Chaofan and Shabu-Shabu restaurant is new in the field of business, it was been established in this year 2014. This small business was established by Mr. & Mrs. Ronaldo and Roselyn Cabral and it is located at Gordi Plaza Building, 2125 Legarda Street, Quiapo, Manila. Because of their passion in cooking delicious foods, they had decided to establish this kind of business in which they can apply their knowledge and skills in cooking. Their past experiences was working in Taiwan as a cook in almost one decade and because of this, they become familiar and professional on the recipe of the food that they are now serving in the said restaurant. The main aim and goal of this business is to serve and earn profit from the large number of students which are studying near the place and for those who are living in dormitories. And because of the fact that it is new in the operation, many problems in this business occurs like on how they can avoid the shortage or the overage of the raw materials they used in production of foods they are serving. In these instances, they face difficulties on the operations of the company as well as in monitoring the amount of ingredients used in the production of food they offer in the restaurant. The company hasn’t made any system that will keeps the records of all of the transactions of the company wherein it includes the supplier’s name, what kind of supply does it supplies to the company and how much does this supplies cost.

With relate to the problem, we the Accounting Technology students of the University of the East had an idea to make a system that will ease and solve the problem of the company. Through our proposed system, the inventory monitoring system, we may say that it will be a big help for the business in monitoring their inventory effectively and conveniently. This system will provide the right monitoring of the flow and proper usage of materials used in the operations of the business. And because of this, the company can easily avoid the shortage or overage of the materials.

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