Monday Morning Leadership - Chapter 6

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Monday Morning Leadership is a written guide which is intended to help individuals manage themselves in order to successfully improve their performance and achieve their goals. The book revolves around two characters, Jeff and Tony. Jeff is in a work-related rut wherein he feels like he is losing control of time, and is having trouble with his job and the people involved in his occupation. Both men agree to meet, as Tony, a renowned business leader, agreed to mentor Jeff with valuable lessons that may benefit him positively in his career. They schedule meetings in order to sit together and discuss career problems. The 6th lesson focuses mainly on adequately managing one’s time. ‘Do less or work faster’ involves such methods as gaining control of your life through time management, organization, preparation, task completion, and prioritization.

Jeff had been facing problems after Tony’s last meeting, as he had spent most his time concentrating on the hiring process, and therefore had no time to do much else. His complaint to Tony was that he had been so absorbed with the candidates, that he did not have much time to do anything else productive. Jeff asks him, “how do I get everything done?” Tony begins with making sure Jeff understands the concept of time management. He advises him to take advantage of whatever time he has been given in order to be productive efficiently and effectively. Anxiety, discomfort, nervousness, unease, stress, and unhappiness are all common symptoms of not being in control of your life, and not organizing your time sufficiently. Tony stresses on the importance of prioritizing and organizing. First and foremost, the important urgent matters are those that should come first, whereas everything else is not a main priority. In order to succeed and achieve long-term goals, one must stay focused on what they are doing, and must never lose sight of the goal they are trying to reach. Most importantly, procrastination and other time-wasters...
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